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#SUPtipTuesday Tip #32

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

It's #SUPtipTuesday!! Today's #Tip is "Don't get bogged down." Some may see this as an applicable tip for #life in general 😂 BUT, it is key when paddling in conditions. I say it today, because the wind is up, and often times when I take a friend or first timer on a #downwind run they are really (#punsfordays... maybe today's tip is "don't get winded") Anywho. They're smoked because they are really hammering when trying to get into the bumps. I remember when I started doing downwind runs: I made the same mistake and people would say "You're trying too hard" as I shot them with my eye-darts. A solid catch and hold is applicable when losing momentum off the back of a missed bump, but when it starts to lift your tail and the nose drops, its not time to take hard powerful strokes... getting bogged down. Its time to have "springy and light" strokes, what many refer to as a "tap-tap" stroke. You can practice this stroke in flat water by doing alactic intervals lasting under 15seconds. The idea is to get chippy strokes at high speeds without building up lactic acid and fatigue. By doing so, you'll start working with mother nature instead of against her... and you will start having more efficient (and therefore more #fun) downwind runs. 😁⁣

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