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2019's #25DaysOfFitmas

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

This year I tried something a little new and different. I spent the first 12 days covering my daily warmup routine, then the next 12 days **attempting** to share a 12-move MetCon geared towards paddlers. There was no way for me to finish the metcon in a single showing, so I broke it up as much as possible and tried to get the point across. I think in the future, these will become YouTube videos and the clips can go on Instagram, but I can put together a whole workout routine for you all to follow along with each year. That could be fun 😃

The first 12 days of Fitmas I shared the Crossover Symmetry System

click this instagram link to head over to the first post, and follow along from there!!

The Workouts were:

Day 1. Row

Day 2. Reverse Fly

Day 3. Pull Downs

Day 4. 90/90

Day 5. Scaption

Day 6. Incline Plus

Day 7. Victory

Day 8. Hamstring Curls

Day 9. Psoas March

Day 10. Copenhagen Adduction

Day 11. Frog Pumps

Day 12. Banded X walks or glute walks

THEN the 12 Day of Fitmas Metcon

Start with day 1, then do day 2 and day 1, then day 3, day 2, and day 1... just like you would sing the 12 days of Christmas carol.

If you'd like to see a sad attempt at me trying to explain and do it in the 1 minute instagram time limits, start HERE.

12 crunches 11 hands to elbows 10 burpees 9 kettle bell swings 8 toes to bar 7 pullups 6 dips 5 bent over rows 4 power cleans 3 push press 2 front squats 1 deadlift with really good form!!!

If you enjoyed these workouts, be sure to watch the workouts and the circuits from 2018 HERE! and from 2017 HERE.

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