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#25DaysOfFitmas for 2017

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Welcome to something new. In my quest for paddling excellence, I've learned the importance of developing maximum strength in the off-season. To help me understand the moves better, and help other people that are also trying to get better at paddling, I've decided to share the key moves I've researched and found to be the most important to develop whole body balance to keep paddlers strong and injury free. You can adjust the intensity of each exercise and make it your own. This year the theme is "The Basics"!

These workouts require a bit of equipment, if you must, you can modify the workouts to use bands, do only bodyweight,

Below you will find thumbnails from all of the workouts, but you'll need to head over to my Instagram ( to see the demonstrations. Start HERE. (once there in a web browser, click the arrow on the left side of the screen to go "forward through the entire sequence)

Example Workout Right here:

All the moves to pick from:

On to the future. Check out the #25 Days of Fitmas from 2018 HERE,

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