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2018's #25DaysOfFitmas

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

For Christmas each year, I count down to the big day with 25 exercises geared towards paddlers of all levels. You can adjust the intensity of each exercise and make it your own. Some repeat themselves, and others build on previous years. This year the theme is "Travel Friendly"! Since I've been on the road for the majority of the 25 days, I'm sharing workouts that keep you in shape and maintain your mobility while you travel during the holiday season.

The next few workouts will be using THESE BANDS.

Any workout without the bands either requires a hotel towel or needs NO equipment at all! (Rejoice!)

Below you will find thumbnails from all of the workouts, but you'll need to head over to my Instagram ( to see the demonstrations. Start HERE

This year after displaying each individual exercise, I put them in a quick and easy travel circuit to be performed on the road.

Circuit One: No gear/Towel Only


Squat & T-Spine Rotation

Mr. Miyagis

Ab Roll Outs


Hamstring Curls

Pushup Pikes


Mountain Climbers

Here is a video of the circuit:

Circuit Two: With the Band

Pull Aparts

Bicep Curl

Deltoid Raise

Tricep Extension

Upright Row

Hamstring Curl

Psoas March

Glute Bridge

Seated Clamshell

Here is a video (sans delt raise) of the circuit:

In the Airplane

These are just stretches for doing on a really, really long flight. They will make the people around you uncomfortable, and they will make you much more comfortable.

Seated Eagle Pose

Seated Hip Pumps

Be sure to check out the moves from 2017 HERE.

Then travel to the future and check out 2019 HERE!!

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