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The Lost GoPro Saga

I was out for my morning SUP surf session, and decided to take the GoPro. Waves were decent that day, but still nothing to get too hyped up about.

Finishing one wave, I rolled off the back and then lost my balance. My paddle made a direct hit to the GoPro sending it to the bottom of the sea. The water was murky and I didn't have a floaty back door. The safety string was obviously not attached.

I sat there for a minute and just had that feeling of, "wow, I'm a moron."

Having fallen off in a pretty deep spot, right where the waters of the river ripped out to sea, I had little faith that the GoPro would ever wash up. Still, I maintained a positive outlook and went out to comb the beach at a lower tide.

WOW! I hadn't even walked 10 meters when I saw it lying there in a tide pool. Seven hours later, my gigantic SD card was almost full and the battery still had juice. Since the GoPro divided the video into 40ish minute sections, and then stopped recording when it ran out of SD space, the battery still had enough power for me to turn it back on, replace the SD card, and re-record me walking up to it - for good video closure ;-)

Below is an incredibly boring video of what the GoPro recorded whilst rolling about the seafloor.

I apologize for the extremely condensed sections that may give you seizures. I wanted to throw as much of the footage in as possible, because I'm incredibly shocked and amazed that this thing turned up!!

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