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April on "The Athletes Podcast"

🏆Episode #128 of The Athletes Podcast features April Zilg. April is a professional Stand-Up Paddleboard athlete and founder of The Athlete Agenda. April is currently working to help others discover & prioritize their inner athlete. We had an amazing conversation with April and hope you enjoy episode #128 of The Athletes Podcast!

What we talk about:

6:10: Impact of Aprils social Media Coach

8:00 Aprils training schedule

11:20: What is the athlete agenda

19:30: Helping discover and prioritize the inner athlete

27:20: April talks about her mindset

33:45: Wearable health/fitness products

40:40: Getting into the sport of Stand-Up Paddleboarding

43:40: Winning the 2021 Carolina Cup Graveyard race

41:15: Biggest piece of advice to the next generation of athletes


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