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The #Hyco2Hatteras Adventure!

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

My initial thoughts:

Literally, have I lost my mind? Leaving my house and setting out solo in an attempt to paddle all the way to Cape Hatteras isn't a small undertaking. The combination of nerves (and a few logical thoughts as to what could go wrong) and excitement (how much I love paddling and camping... and solving problems as they arise without help) was a unique emotional state. I was trying to eat a lot of food and stay calm in the days before I left. I spent some time setting up gear and thinking through any possible conflicts. I had to ditch any gear I thought I wouldn't need (in order to keep my weight down), while ensuring I still had the essentials to accommodate any mishaps and stay safe for a 10 day solo journey!

Day 1: The Crossfit Workout From Hell

This is one of those days where I was glad I work out. There's nothing quite like a few hours