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Current Projects

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

I've uniquely crafted my life around my passion, sustainably. Athlete Sponsorships, Paddle Training, and the Athlete Agenda. Learn more about what I have on offer below: 


past and current

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Top Collaborations

Micro influence, macro impact!

I believe successful, profitable businesses can be run that provide real value to people and considers customer well-being over profit. I'm not just an athlete, anyone in the public eye has a responsibility to influence the next generation. I hold influence and authority in my industry, and I don't take the responsibility lightly. I'm family friendly, and want to inspire confidence over conformity... mindfulness over malaise. My agenda for 2023 is to get more people out in nature, enjoying and prioritizing daily movement through my business endeavors and the partnerships I form. I aim to show young women and men that it's cool to be smart, use your brain, read books, and solve your problems with gusto. My agenda is to help more people be doers not watchers. The business relationships I form support community and feel more like family than business.

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Should our brands be besties? Drop me a line to receive a copy of my latest sponsor deck with more information like my latest customer demographics, reach statistics, and available packages.

Paddle Training (dot com)

Paddle faster, train intuitively, live intentionally

My latest passion project: 
Sharing the last decade of the literature, experience, and testing that made my journey from couch potato to contender possible. 

Paddle Training is an online community where you can receive as much or as little assistance from me as you like while learning how to train for paddling. But, really what is Paddle Training? It's using paddling (like a kayak, canoe, or SUP) as your main fitness hobby. Just like some people like to run marathons or 10k's as a fitness hobby, some people like to paddle their way to better fitness and enter local events to be social and push themselves mentally. Other people take it further, like yours truly, and do it at a highly competitive level. How far you decide to go is up to you! 

Whether you're training for fun, fitness, self-discovery, or for competition, training isn't rocket science! Training isn't mindless either. By combining science and intuition, you can achieve the goals you set for yourself. You can see what you're made of. You can learn discipline, self-sufficiency, & confidence... or you could just paddle really, really fast.

My goal is to help you unlock your full potential - I want you to be able to express your full fitness by optimizing training, nutrition, mindset, and recovery. I don't want to be your coach. I want to guide you to be your own coach. I want you to develop the intuition you need to eat, move, and recover properly so you can head off on your own and live a fit, fulfilling life like it's second nature - because it is. Imagine being able to listen to your body and it guides you to what you need that day! Imagine being one with yourself and knowing how to fuel, move, and rest your way to the best health of your life. 

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THE Athlete Agenda

What's on the Agenda? 

One thing that helped me the most on my path to being an athlete was keeping a detailed training journal. Any blank notebook will do, so you should start today if you're serious about setting, sticking to, and reaching your goals. 

If the thought of blank pages gives you analysis paralysis and you're not sure where to start, snag a copy of the Athlete Agenda. I developed it to provide a clear road map to help you get from where you are today to where you want to go! 

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Ozone Carolinas

Quality Canoes for the Carolinas (and beyond)

Although I only picked up outrigger canoe paddling in 2016, it has become a huge part of my story. On a technical level, it's made huge improvements in my stroke technique, my downwind skills, and my ability to keep my heart rate in check when training. On a social level it's opened up my paddling community and led me to be more involved in the team aspect of paddling in OC6. Outrigger and SUP compliment each other perfectly, and I found crossing over to OC1 events fun and challenging. After claiming wins in prestigious events like the Gorge Downwind Champs, the Koa Nui, and podium positions at the Va'a world championships (a Silver Medal in V1 Open 2022 and a Gold in V6 Open 2023) - it only made sense to facilitate the spread of this amazing and horizon-broadening paddle craft to the Carolina region. Outrigger is one of the sports that stands the test of time. They're fast, light, and fun... and I love paddling mine every day!! 

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