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Training Plans

Delivered in TrainingPeaks™

I have a variety of training plans available to purchase through Training Peaks - I've been a customer of Training Peaks since 2016 and use it to track my own training. I am not am ambassador, nor do I receive any compensation from them - I pay a fee to be a coach and they keep a percentage of each plan sold. But I LOVE their product, and I think you will too. 

Feel free to shop and purchase individual plans that suit your needs, but please remember that unlimited access to the full library is included in the Punk Paddler membership at  For as little as $5/month you can get select basic plans for free, early access to new plans, and discounts on the library of premium plans as a Paddle Training Member. 


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Just kidding. Please don't buy things you don't need! However, if you need a new hat, I would be honored for you to support my businesses. 

Scope out a few products that you can purchase with various logos and designs by clicking below. If you're a Paddle Training Member looking for the Secret Member-Only Swag page, please access that through the online community!! 

THE Athlete Agenda

What's on the Agenda? 

One thing that helped me the most on my path to being an athlete was keeping a detailed training journal. Any blank notebook will do, so you should start today if you're serious about setting, sticking to, and reaching your goals. 

If the thought of blank pages gives you analysis paralysis and you're not sure where to start, snag a copy of the Athlete Agenda. I developed it to provide a clear road map to help you get from where you are today to where you want to go! 

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Great weather for the _local's guide to Mason's inlet_ clinic at the _supcarolinacup!! Hop

Clinics and Workshops

Train with me IN-PERSON!

Check for upcoming clinics and workshops! Don't fear if there aren't any, you'll be the second to know if you SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER. The online community at is the first to know. 


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