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#SUPtipTuesdays Tip #1

The first #SUPtipTuesday and its a no-brainer!! After the Carolina Cup, a lot of paddlers realized a hole in their skills - paddling in the ocean. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for time in the ocean when it comes to balance. There are no balance boards that can recreate this motion - they are all based on your body's movement and your reaction to yourself essentially. Todays tip is to get out into the ocean and into some choppy water. This is going to put you out on days where you may have avoided paddling or picked a different spot. Don't go out into unsafe conditions, but push your comfort zone. Find a stretch of water where the wind chop, boat chop, or ocean swells are something you would consider challenging and then paddle out into them. Go into the wind/swell/chop first, that way if you fall in or aren't ready, you can easily return to your start. Once you're in these challenging conditions PADDLE HARD. Everyone I saw falling in was taking short, weak strokes. Bend your knees, keep your hips loose, and hammer down. The more forward momentum you have, the less likely you are to fall in. Although it seems counterintuitive, out there is the time to reach far and plant the blade deep, gather all the water and propel forward!!

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