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#SUPtipTuesday Tip #9

When you're out there pushing your limits in choppy water, punching through the surf, or catching waves you'll need the LOW BRACE, which is today's #SUPtipTuesday!!! The low brace stroke is pretty efficient (as opposed to the high brace which is hit or miss), and if you're not in the habit of using it you'll be swimming a lot!! To do a low brace you're going to use the non-power face (logo side) of your paddle blade. If you're about to fall in on the side you're paddling on, you just slap the water like a beaver tail with the logo face out far away from the board while simultaneously getting low. You also want your paddle shaft to get low and close to parallel with the water so it provides ample stability. It doesn't have to be ONLY if you're about to fall in, you can drag your paddle in the LOW BRACE position while going through a turbulent section like on top of a wave, or while surfing a wave or downwind bump for added stability. In the 1st pic ☝️ you can't see it, but my paddle is at the ready throughout the recovery phase of my stroke due to how choppy it is. In the second and third pics, I'm using it to get out and in through the surf dry. I'll post a video up with this description on my blog!!! So next time you go out, throw in a few low brace practice strokes during your warm-up to build that muscle memory. This is something you want to become second nature!! By the time you think to do it, it'll be too late!!

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