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#SUPtipTuesday Tip #8

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Today's #SUPtipTuesday is geared towards newer paddlers, BUT if you don't have your shaft marked and you're a seasoned veteran, then this #SUPtip is for you too!

When you're paddling, you want your hands in the optimal position to provide leverage while keeping you body in good form for injury prevention. You can find this optimal position by holding the T-grip in one hand, and placing the paddle shaft on your head. Then adjust your other hand along the shaft till your elbows are at 90degree angles, as seen in the first pic above ☝️☝️ Once you have this location, if you own your paddle, mark it with electrical tape!! To this day I still mark every new paddle I get (if I don't, my left side slowly starts getting higher up the shaft, creating imbalances in the biomechanics of my stroke, which inevitably leads to tweaks and aches) So get on it and mark your paddle!

If you want to see how I like to tape my paddle, check it out here:

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