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#SUPtipTuesday Tip #25 & 26


Tip #25

It's #SUPtipTuesday!! (But it's good for paddlers of all crafts 😊) it's the time of year to build your base if you're in the northern hemisphere. So today's #Tip, don't skimp on your long-slow-distance paddles. Also, don't underestimate how relaxing the pace can be! These foundational miles need your body to feel relaxed with controlled breathing, you could easily hold a conversation at the effort level you're outputting. Too many people train in that grey zone, where things are comfortably hard, avoid this trap. On your longer paddles, if you keep the intensity right, you're sending your body a signal that it isn't stressed. When it isn't stressed, your body will start laying down more blood vessels.. tiny little capillaries will start growing to fuel your muscles better and rid them of waste. This makes you able to hold a higher training load and higher intensities later in the season. Your body won't build these if you stress it out. Side note/tip: making new blood vessels takes a lot of ENERGY and you will be HUNGRY!! Feed your body plenty with high quality fruits, veggies and lean proteins.

Tip #26

For last week's #SUPtipTuesday we talked about the importance of the Long-Slow-Distance paddles, and not "skimping" on them. However, if you're new to paddling, or haven't paddled many miles yet, jumping right into very long paddles could lead to over use injuries.. YUCK! This week's TIP is to use the 10% rule when just starting out: the 10% rule states that you should aim to increase your mileage by no more than 10% each week. Not bad advice. But what about wind and tide?!?! As paddlers it can be hard to paddle based on distance if you're not on a calm lake. So you can paddle based on time, and still add 10% and it should be close enough 👍😁

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32. Don't get Bogged down (the tap-tap stroke)

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