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#SUPtipTuesday Tip #22

Today's #SUPtipTuesday is "put the whole damn blade in the water!!!" Even when you're tired, even when it's choppy. The one thing you should never sacrifice about your stroke is the catch. Even if you can't reach far, your catch should still be solid. Put the blade all the way in the water ALWAYS before initiating the pull. You're going through all the effort to take a stroke regardless, and if you didn't set the blade, it's just going to slip backwards, cavitating.. so you're wasting energy, you're NOT efficient. Reach and power will come with time, start with efficiency for now. #tuesdaytip #tiptuesday #tip #tuesday#getsalty #saltlife #education #learn #sup#SUPtip #standuppaddle#standuppaddleboard #standuppaddling#standuppaddleboarding #supgirl

You bought the whole blade, you better get your $$'s worth!!

This is why some beginners feel like they are "faster" with a bigger blade. Its just a cover up for poor technique. When you put the blade in the water it should feel like concrete, it should feel hard. This is easily accomplished with a smaller blade, the smaller blade will also benefit times when you need to have a higher cadence.

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