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#SUPTipTuesday Tip #15

Today's #SUPtipTuesday is about extending the life of some of your #SUPequipment! Within reason, of course. If you've thoroughly stretched out your coiled leash, but it's strength isn't compromised, you can re-coil it to prevent it from dragging in the water next time you use it. Simply bunch it up and rubber band it in a tight coil, then leave it in the hot dash of your car. Keep in mind, though, that the strain you've already put on the leash and the sun damage are all weakening it, so while you can do this once or twice, I would recommend keeping your safety equipment fresh and buying new often. After a few recoils these leashes can be demoted to flat water leashes and live a long happy life in calm waters away from breaking waves and strong wind 😉

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