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#SUPTipTuesday Tip #11

For today's #SUPtipTuesday I channelled my inner @nichollsjulia1 for some stick art!! (Also I'm a bit under the weather and NOT photogenic at this moment 😂😷) So here we go: Last week I mentioned doing beach starts as your interval workout. "#Fun" you say, "sounds good but I don't have any experience if there are waves!" And you don't want to get clobbered. Understood. This week and the next few week's #tuesdaytips will be ALL ABOUT THE SURF ZONE. Today's #tiptuesday is DON'T GET BETWEEN THE BOARD AND THE BEACH. This #tip is geared towards beginners, but it's a nice reminder no matter who you are. If you're headed out to practice with your board (race, #sup, #surf, boogie) your mission is to never be where the energy from the waves can pick up your board and slam it into your body, if you stay "outside" (further out to sea) than your craft, then the wave will take it closer to the beach and you are safely behind. Your leash will keep the two of you together. If you're paddling out, try to get in the habit of being in control of your board AT ALL TIMES. But if you're new and you know you're going to take a few falls find a place to practice where your board won't harm others!! If you must fall, try to fall off to the side whilst kicking your board away from you towards the beach. Don't fall backwards if you're on your knees. When you surf in, scoot ALL THE WAY to the back to prevent the nose from pearling and also ensuring that if you fall, you fall off the back of the board where you are safe! Check back next week for "angle of the dangle" 😁😁

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