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Sprint 2 Spring! A SUP Fitness Challenge

Updated: May 29, 2018

#Sprint2Spring is an all new 20 day fitness challenge for Stand Up Paddlers. Its the time of the season where paddlers gearing up for the early spring races should start seeing increased intensities on the water. Let's share our progress and help push each other with a fun fitness challenge.

Every time you do a sprint workout, post it up with the #Sprint2Spring hashtag on Instagram or Facebook. Tell us what you did! What was your longest distance sprinted? What was your maximum speed? Even if you caught a bump or wave and hit 12mph, let's hear about it!

The goals are as follows:

1. Log a speed that is 0.5mph faster than any speed you've ever hit. This could mean catching a bigger wave or paddling harder in the flats. Work on your technique either way.

2. Log 2 sprint workouts per week until the first day of Spring (March 20th) That will be 8 sprint workouts total.

3. Maintain an 80/20 ratio of low intensity to high intensity. That means you can't just do your sprint workouts and call it a week. Stay balanced. Whatever time/distance you sprint be sure to maintain an 80:20 ratio. (i.e. If you paddle 10 miles all week, 8 would be low-level aerobic and 2 would be sprinting)

The challenge is over on March 20th! A surprise will follow for all those completing all 3 goals!

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