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Spring Training Favorites 2019

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

This week, I've got my Four Favorites for Spring under $100.

These picks originally appeared in my March 2019 Newsletter:

I've been doing some big downwind runs and some gorgeous sunrise and sunset sessions. I want to 1) be able to call for help if needed, and 2) take pretty pictures. For both of these, I have been using my DukGear case DAILY. I've wiped out and swamped my boat more times than I'm willing to admit (you'll notice I'm in a wetsuit for most downwind sessions, lol). The case floats and keeps my phone dry. Get 20% off with code APRIL20 (all caps)

There is so much going on in the world of Sun Protection. I find it all very interesting. I'm cautious as to what I put on my skin, and rely heavily on my SaltLife UPF 50 cover ups. But that isn't my pick for spring, its a Sun Protection Gummy. The #1 thing that has made the biggest difference in my skin's resistance to the sun has been my diet. This is a long topic for another day, but there's now a daily vitamin that helps. Check out SunDaily and use "April20" for 20% off again!

UPGRADE YO SHIZNIT! I've had the OG Trigger Pin for almost 6 years. If you train seriously and care about mobility, then you NEED this in your arsenal. Its just another tool (we all have multiple fins, some multiple paddles or boards, this is no different). I received a new one, and because its lighter than the original one Mark hand-made in his garage, I'll be bringing it to more events with me. Hit me up to try it. But you could just go ahead and order one at with code "April10"

Cold Mornings in SoCal!! The transformation is complete. I'm cold in the mornings... and the evenings... and I live in Southern California. My whimp-i-fication is obvious any time the warm, golden sunshine isn't beating down on me. Thank goodyness that Salt Life made a killer jacket: The ROGUE Jacket. Its in the men's section of the site, but I think I look cute in it ;-P It's water resistant for these drizzly Santa Barbara mornings, and keeps me toasty before and after my paddles. (DM me for a 20% off code)

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