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Real World Data: Would You Paddle 100 Miles?

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Rob Allison, a software engineer for SAS pondered the question as he used data from my win at the California River Quest 100 to test out new programs.

When I was young, I remember teachers saying that one day we'd need all that math and science we were learning for "real world" applications. And, although now that I'm delving deeper into nutrition and physiology and seeing how that impacts my real-world racing performance, I still didn't see a lot of applications for the heaps of data I generate on my training and racing (outside of me nerding out over splits)... until the other day.

Rob Allison is a software engineer for SAS who enjoys using real-world data to test new software. Sometimes he write blogs about it, and since he has to use data, he tends to pick data that he's interested in!

After working up the data on the SAS blog, he posed the question to his facebook followers:

"Have you ever considered paddling 100 mil