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Battle of the Bay, San Fran: 2019 Recap

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Disclaimer: These recaps are mainly for me to rehash a race performance, check in with myself and be honest about what I did better, or right, and what I could improve upon in competition. It is not my intent to degrade or offend any other competitors on the course

I had a great race, and a not-so-great race all at the same time. Every race is a chance for personal growth and reflection, and this was definitely one of those days.

The race was on Sunday, so I took Saturday to drive up to Sacramento and demo a few new boards. After hopping on the new 2019 Starboard Sprint, I was sold. I was able to hit and maintain a pace that I had been struggling with for quite some time. The reason I believe I was able to maintain the pace was because the board had better glide in between strokes, something more similar to my outrigger canoe, which allowed me to focus on my strength: my strength.

Some women are lighter, some hold a higher cadence, but I'm heavy and strong and can push/pull VERY HARD and POWERFULLY. A board that allows me to do that is a definite benefit. You'll notice in the start video, I'm taking about 1-2 strokes for every 4 that the two ladies on the left of the screen are taking.

DoGood 1: I didn't blow up off the line

On the start line I was cool and calm, detaching myself from the outcome of the race, but focusing on performing my best and pushing myself to new limits. I was a little worried about the beach start with the recessed rails on the Sprint. However, it was just like any other board, and I glided off the line smooth as buttah.