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YOLO! Hap Ki Do? No.

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Finding the best athletic activity to compliment your lifestyle is a little like a Cinderella story, the shoe has to fit!

When I first decided to make daily activity a part of my life I tried on A LOT OF DIFFERENT SHOES!!

I tried running, kayaking, biking, snowboarding, and one I'll certainly never forget: Hap Ki Do.

I was on a diet, got a new hair cut, and new clothes. "New" me was ready for my "new" physical hobby, and I signed up for the *adult* class at a local Hap Ki Do studio. If you've never heard of it, it's a martial art; I thought the movements would be fun, make me fit, and there was a certain somber discipline to it that intrigued me. When I arrived to class, however, I found no adults. I spent an entire hour somersaulting amongst children before punching and kicking at them whilst they held a kick mat. It was a little hard to "give it all I had" when I thought I was going to karate kick them across the room. I was seriously ready to leave when the instructor called me into the back room and gave me the used car salesman pitch to end all pitches.