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The Paddle Ninja Surprise 10k Challenge!

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

If you've been following along, I just finished up my 9 weeks to 9mph challenge as a part of the APP World Tour Fast Track competition. I ended up reaching my goal and then some. Scope out the blog and YouTube video to learn more about sprinting.

In athletics and training, there are quite a few different schools of thought. I'm going to briefly touch on two:

One believes in a ton of high mileage first and foremost. After a period of low intensity aerobic base, the athlete does sprint work because their bodies can now support the sprinting. The musculature, the cardiovascular system, everything is now prepared to go fast with less chance of injury.

Then, there's another that believes that you should develop the neurological connections fully first, often done with quick and fast efforts, perfecting your technique and power application before undergoing HOURS of training at lower intensities. Reason being, a ton of low intensity hours could reinforce bad movement patterns.

Which school of thought is correct, and which should you follow?

As with everything in life, the answer is: "It depends."