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The Best BUTT Trick For Outrigger

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

It's #SUPtipTuesday and I've got another #OutriggerTip, this one is definitely #outrigger specific because in #SUP we don't sit 😂

After the 100mi #CaliforniaRiverQuest last year, a lot of people asked about my butt. So. Many. Butt. Questions. After that race I decided to film a #TuesdayTip addressing how I prevent my BUTT from falling asleep during longer outrigger sessions. This tip also works for those tweaks you may feel near your butt, but could also classify as hamstring discomfort.

Step 1. Adjust your seat, front to back, where you have a comfortable bend in your knees. This may be a little further forward than you think. By having your seat forward enough, you can put some pressure in your feet/heels to support body weight and release a little bit of the pressure on your butt.

Step 2. Rig your boat so that when you sit in it, you are level. If you need to bring a level from the hardware store out and sit in your boat - do it. But ensure you're not leaning to the left or right.

Step 3. Sit even on your sit-bones. To do this, you're going to literally grab the meat of your butt and pull your cheeks out to the side so you're sitting squarely and evenly. This will also give you a solid connection to your boat!

I just finished up a 100 mile training week in my #OC1 and I must say, the butt-cheek-spread-technique was used EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

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