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#SUPtipTuesday Tip #17

Are you gearing up for #PPG2018? If so, today's #SUPtipTuesday is for you! The #tip? Don't buoy turn alone... After you've watched my buoy turn tutorial on YouTube and you've gotten in a few good practice turns you may start feeling pretty good about your skills, as you should. However, the second you throw another human wielding their board around like a blindfolded kid with a baseball bat trying to whack a piñata you may be shocked at how hard that perfected buoy turn really is. Even if they don't paddle as fast as you, be sure your new buoy buddy is at the turn ready to f@ck with you.

In the pic, my buoy buddy / husband somehow got the inside line, not ideal, but have them switch it up so you can become a little more comfortable with any potential scenario.  Next week, we'll revisit the basics of buoy turns for the #tuesdaytip, and then maybe build on that the following week, so check back! #friendsdontletfriendsbuoyturnalone

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