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SUP Cheap: Deck Pads

When I had worked in the paddle shop enough to get my rockin’ new Hobie Torque, the last thing I wanted to do was drop a load of cash on a full deck pad. Although they are very nice, I would rather spend my money on other things since I already had the board. I was also extremely impatient. There were no cool deck pads in stock, and I wanted to surf RIGHT THEN, not wait for another shipment of the same 4 choices.

Surf wax was out. My favorite shop said that it doesn’t seem to work superbly on the SUP surf boards. It moves too much with your feet and does not provide traction the way pads do. Not to mention SUP boards are a large surface to wax!

Monster paint, a godsend, was also out. An amazing product, but using it on the entire board will give you an exfoliation experience you’ll never forget.

I wanted to get out on the water quickly, but without sacrificing quality. What I needed was a functional solution to my deck padding woes. Over the weeks, I had been listening to numerous SUPers gripe about deck padding and this is what I learned:


  • Gets heavy when wet

  • Water doesn't drain well, i.e. pools, while surfing

  • Rough pad surfaces causes rash

  • Smooth surfaces slip or cause foot fatigue

  • Bubbles up

  • Expensive

  • Not many color or design choices


  • Good traction

  • Excellent coverag