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Open Ocean Cliff Diving

As many of you may already know, I have been living in a Surf Ashram for the last month or so. I've been here because the city of Pune does not have much going on in general, let alone a location for me to get on the water and do some training paddles.

So, here I am, trying to find new places to paddle! The river is beautiful, and the surf is good (some days). One day, Kishore here at the Ashram says, "There are some big rocks off shore, you could probably paddle to..."


"Yeah, only 3 miles off shore if we drive North"

"How far if I paddle from here?"

"Check Google Earth."

It was only approximately 10 miles out from my roughly drawn line, so I figured I would do it to change up the scenery.

At first, it was just me going for a paddle. Then the guys were like, "there may be boats," and "last time we were *some nearby location* cops came and started beating us..."

That was all I needed to hear to hire a chase boat! Finding a chase boat was an adventure in itself... If I didn't have the guys to help, I would have been out of luck. I guess that's why they are Surfing India!!

Once I had a boat, everyone at the Ashram wanted to go to the rocks! Then their friends wanted to go, and their friend's friends.. You get the point.

Then, as the day of paddling drew closer and closer Kiran said, "It would be really cool if we (Kiran, Sham, and Druva) did the paddle with you!"