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#MusicMonday & April's Day Off

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

A Friday afternoon with waves on the horizon. What do I do? While waiting for the tide to be optimal, I hit a round of Crossover Symmetry, have some post-workout Nutrition, and sing a song to surf to. Check it out and let me know what kind of crazy stuff you get into before you go out for a session!!


For more information about The Crossover Symmetry System check out their website. SUP surfing puts A LOT of strain on your shoulders, and this system is well researched and put together. I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't believe in it. You can do the workouts without the system with a set of bands from your local fitness establishment or a cheap set online - I'd rather you do the workouts and not be injured than say you can't do them because you can't afford the bands! If you'd like to see the exercises I do daily, I posted them for my #25DaysOfFitmas this year. Check them out!


Boy did I grab a lot of crap out of my kitchen cabinet to make that protein shake ;-) I've switched over recently to Garden of Life Vegan Sport Protein, I feel like Vega got gross with a lot of fillers after they were purchased by a bigger company... sad 😞

To that I add:

Creatine: for that 15+/- second burst to catch waves. Your creatine-phosphate system is your first burst of energy before you go anaerobic. If you don't have enough creatine, you're leaving free energy on the table.

Glutamine: A precursur in the body for gutamic acid, which you need for your cells to chat together, it's no good when you're brain is telling your muscles to paddle faster and they're not getting the signal fast enough! I also find it helps with my recovery times.

BCAA's: I never know how long I'll end up surfing, it could be really good out, and I don't want my body getting hungry and consuming my valuable and hard earned muscle. Plus I just did a small strength workout to pre-fatigue my body.

Ribose: Improves muscle energy, which is key when I'm doing multiple workouts in a day. If you're not getting this already, it may be a missing link, I know I saw a jump in my performance when I added it!

Shop my "Paddler's Stack" shopping list HERE on AMAZON.


Written by your's truly, haha! A parody to "Old Town Road," I like to call it "To Devereaux." Brand mentions in my tune, which were also used in my surf session include: my board from 404 Paddlesurf, my paddle from HippoStick, fins from BlackProject, gear from Salt Life, and a cute bikini top from Jolyn - known for their tops that STAY PUT - thus the lyric "so you can't see my boobies" ...yup... that's what I said.

Codes for discounts at the aforementioned retailers:

404 & Hippostick: April10



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