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Happy Husband

For the 28th birthday celebration for a certain spoon, I was ripped from my cozy aquatic environment and forced to pedal a bike up rocky, dusty slopes in the back woods of India.

Western Ghat Sunset (sun setting into the smog of Mumbai)

Ok, it wasn't all that bad. We set out with a cab (and no clue) to find this fabled trail that takes trekers through the hills of Lonavala to a large fortress at one of the highest peaks in that area of the Western Ghats. After stopping for directions many times, as is Indian tradition, we finally found the trail head. The dirt on the trail was like flour or baby powder in consistency, but was a rich red. It was fun to play with, but not fun to bike through for long periods. It was the dry season, so the dust would just float in the air for hours unless a sweaty person on a bike happened through to collect all the dust particles on her moist skin. Or unless someone was working hard and breathing heavily, then the dust could get trapped in a certain biker's mucous membranes as she rode the trail.

But, seriously, it wasn't that bad! After a few flats, we reached the end of the super-rocky trail and were rewarded with some of the most beautiful scenery I've seen in India. Alright....