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Top 9 Books of 2017

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

My first ever #TOPNINE list where I decided to do books instead of popular pictures! I didn't do a lot of summaries like I do these days, but here is the list regardless:


Hands down the BEST book I had ever read for female athletes. It helped me understand why sometimes things didn't always work as planned and it prevented me from beating myself up at times. I used the information to align my recovery weeks with higher hormone weeks, and that has made a HUGE difference.

#2 The Champion's Mind

This is one of my favorite books of all time. I regularly revisit the strategies presented in this book before big events.

#3 The Mindful Athlete

I found this to be helpful in becoming a calm and well centered athlete regardless of the outcomes.

#4 Elite Minds

Similar to the two previous books in a lot of ways, but still some good quotable moments and valuable insights.

#5 How Bad do you Want it

I enjoy a lot of Matt Fitzgerald's work, and this was no different.

#6 The Undefeated Mind

This is more for life in general. It is good to have a strong mind in today's world. All you can control is your reaction to each moment, your perceptions.

#7 Ego is the Enemy

Well. It is. What are you waiting for. Go read it.

#8 Running with the Mind of Meditation

You could "Paddle" with the mind of meditation. Or cycle. Or whatever.

#9 Moby Dick

Who knew Herman Melville was such a hoot. Literally laughed a lot (until mid-book).

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