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#SUPtipTuesdays Tip #5

Updated: May 31, 2018

What do you want to see for the next #SUPtipTuesday?? Comment below (on Instagram or Facebook Please)!! This week's #tip is a perennial issue when we talk about efficiency. We want to be sure to get a positive angle on the catch because there's no way we can really allow our body weight to fall onto the paddle if the catch is neutral or negative - if your entry isn't positive and you try to weight the blade you will ☝️☝️ fall in. The only way we can expect the paddle to support our body weight and a really strong stroke is with a positive entry angle. I'm always happy to watch a video of you paddling if you'd like, but you can see it too! Have a friend film you and look for that catch angle, chances are if the blade isn't ALL THE WAY in the water at a positive angle before you initiate the pull, you have a lot of efficiency to gain 😁😁 that's the #goodnews!! #spearthefish#tuesdaytip

If this isn't enough, and it never is, go check out this VERY IN DEPTH video from Johnny Puakea on the catch:

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