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#SUPtipTuesday : How To Build Your Own Programming Part 3

OK, guys. This one is a real doozie. It's hard to make something that is genuinely complex very simple. When I say complex, the way to do it isn't complex. But if you're looking for exact answers for your exact race distance and abilities - then it IS complex. What I've attempted to do here, albeit poorly, is provide a framework for you to get fit on your own by building your own program. In the most basic sense, starting from "ground zero" (which can be no athletic

background, or just coming from an off season) you want to start aerobically building your ability to keep going until you can complete your goal distance comfortably. You will use aerobic capacity and aerobic power style workouts (from the cheat sheet below) to achieve this preliminary goal. This is everything below the widest part of your "pyramid." Once you can go your distance comfortab