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SUP Cheap: Training Season FAVORITES Under $20

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

A few things that will help you help yourself as you begin preparing for some summer SUP races!

Check out the Amazon list here:

Whether you’ve started or not, you already have felt or will feel some soreness and discomfort. You may also want to get more out of your workout routine, because you’re not sore enough yet. Either way, here are a few training season favorites to help keep your productivity and achievements high!


Tiger Balm: In a world full of scented soap, candle, lotions, and junk food gift baskets – this is one gift that I get sometimes that I'm actually excited and relieved to see. My husband knows, lotion is useless. Tigerbalm is used up. As long as you don’t get any of this product in your eye, you can sit back and relax as this cream soothes away almost any ache or pain.

Tennis Ball: This one you may even be able to find for FREE!! Nothing beats rolling out in between your shoulder blades and spine than a nice tennis ball. I also use these suckers to roll out my deltoid attachments, calves, and feet. The only problem is sharing them with my dog! Maybe I should just invest in a clean one.

Epsom Salt: After an intense, or even a not-so-intense workout session, you’ll want to relax your sore muscles. My favorite is a hot bath with some heaping scoops of Epsom salt. The warm water will increase the blood flow after your workout, which may facilitate recovery. Although the “science” is out on how beneficial the actual Epsom salt is to muscles, the thinking is that it helps restore magnesium and sulfate in your system because they can be absorbed through your skin. Whether its an old wives tale or it is scientifically proven, it is a cheap way to recover after a tough workout.

Maximize your Training:

Pull Up bar: Along with other body weight exercises, pullups can greatly enhance your upper body strength and will contribute to your paddling abilities. With a pullup bar you can also do a “toes to bar” workout that will enhance core strength. Grab one that fits in your in-home door frames at a local sporting goods store or big box general store. Or on Amazon.

DIY TRX: Regularly this system is close to $200. That is one extra zero that this paddler is NOT prepared to spend. I do, however, LOVE bodyweight exercises. I also enjoy the multitude of workouts that are possible or enhanced by this equipment. These come highly recommended by the Riding Bumps crew as well as numerous other trainers and athletes. I Googled a set of DIY bands, and the total for constructing your own – safely – hovers around $15. I liked the Instructable:

Luci MPOWERED Light: Until the days get longer, and the time changes, you may feel short on daylight after work. If this is the case, I’ve found an amazing light to help brighten you path and make you legal on the water. This inflatable, solar-powered lantern is not only super bright, but it floats, is waterproof, and uses sustainable energy! At the moment I just fix it under my bungee strap, but I think a strip of velcro would hold it down.

Wherever your SUP adventures take you this summer, I hope that these affordable training tricks help take you to the next level!

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