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How To Set Goals With Boredom

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

I wrote a haiku for the first task in the Social Distancing Toolkit:


Which brings up a very important point... Do you even know what your life goal is?

If you're feeling thrown off or upset by the recent world climate then chances are you don't have a very well-defined life goal. Think about it. If you have a very clear goal, one that is close and true to your heart and your purpose then these distractions will have no impact on you forging forward on your path.

If anything, this pandemic should disrupt your regularly scheduled, habitual, mindless existence. Take that minor disruption and one of these socially responsible yet socially distant afternoons and to do some deep internal reflection. Social distancing shouldn't upset you at all, you should relish at the opportunity to get a little bit of alone time to work undistracted towards your biggest goals and dreams!