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My First Newsletter

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The Weekly Wafer

It's got what paddlers crave!

New Newsletter Fun

Hello all! and Happy New Year!  I've decided to put together a newsletter to keep in touch with everyone from the coaching group and clinics past. I promise it will be unobtrusive and informative! I plan to keep happy paddlers up to date on upcoming clinics, training/coaching opportunities, and athletic knowledge.  Since this is an experiment and a work in progress, I welcome any replies or feedback. Is there something you're dying to know, that you think other people would benefit from as well? Don't hesitate to ask and I would be happy to include it in the next Newsletter.

In this first installation you'll find.  - Upcoming Clinics and Race dates  - How to get FREE COACHING with the new referral bonus  - 3 key lower back stretches for Stand Up Paddlers  - A short recap of my first "Old Lady" injury that prompted me to make the 3 key lower back stretches video ;-) Hopefully hammering in to your brains how IMPORTANT STRETCHING AND WARMING UP IS! Please learn from my mistakes! 

📷  I hope ya'll are as excited as I am!!

📷Talk about resistance training!! FUN FACT: Resistance training works by causing microscopic tears to the muscle cells, which are quickly repaired by the body when you aren't working out. BUT, that's why it's necessary to leave time between workouts for recovery - it ensures the muscles regenerate and grow stronger!📷Facebook📷Instagram📷Email📷Website

FREE (is a 4 letter word)

But that doesn't stop me from using it. (Your use of 4-letter words means you're smart: Check it out here!) All existing clients (flat-rate or coached) can receive free training plans for referring a friend! For every friend/ acquaintance/ coworker/ spouse/ bum you found that starts a training plan through me, you get one credit. You can cash in your referral "credit" on a full 16 week flat rate plan, or one month of a coached plan. No limit to how many workouts per week! 

Fine print: they have to claim you, you can't just claim them. When they sign up, make sure they mention you. Next time you want a plan or are going to be invoiced, make sure you mention them. 

Upcoming Clinics & Training

📷February 17th I'll be hosted by Morro Bay Stand Up Paddling We'll have a great time covering the basics of the stroke including biomechanics, efficiency, and injury prevention. If you know anyone in the area that is interested, be sure to give them a heads up! For more details and info: Check out the event details on their Facebook Page📷In person & virtual coaching from Mantra Fit and Myself starting February 1st!

Carleen and I have teamed up to provide people in the areas of Baltimore/Annapolis Maryland with a pretty sweet training schedule to peak paddlers for the Bay Bridge Challenge on June 2nd. Paddlers will receive:

  • Four months progressive land/water training program with daily workouts 

  • WED evening Open Gym at Nabbs with Mantra Fit. As the weather warms, Open Gym training will move to the water. Then race league returns Wed nights in May!

  • Access to Nabbs Creek fitness studio when class isn’t in session to independently perform your gym workout.

  • Unlimited paddleboard launch access at Nabbs Creek throughout the four months

  • Race Day Planning, Nutrition Strategies, Mental training

  • An awesome community of people and paddlers who connect over the water, outdoors and a friendly competitive racing spirit. 

Other Events on the Horizon!

Stop by and say "HI!" or set up a one-on-one lesson with me while I'm at any of the following events:

  • Hano Huki, January 27th

  • NAC Hal Rossoff, Feb 10th

  • Lanakila Classic, Feb 24th

Even further out on the horizon, keep an eye on the Carolina Cup. Registration opened yesterday and I'll be there! I will have open training hours while I'm in town, and I will also be having my "Local's Guide to Mason's Inlet" through the Wrightsville Beach Paddle Club. Remember, if you're an active member (flat-rate or coached) you get half off my hourly rate - always! 

Yoga and Stories

    I did something dumb, and it resulted in my first "Old Lady" injury. Why do I call it that? Because if I was either A) 20 years old, or B) sufficiently warmed up... it wouldn't have happened. As we age, it takes our bodies a lot longer to warm up. I know better, I was just in a hurry, which happens to us all sometimes.     I went to the gym early one morning, although I've been going to the gym in the afternoons lately. I drove there instead of biked. I didn't foam roll. I didn't stretch or do yoga. I didn't run or bike or row erg. Sounds bad already, huh?    On top of this, the night before I had done a super heavy and long workout that fatigued my entire core and posterior chain. Based on this info, what seems like a good idea for Saturday's early morning workout? 

  • A) Body weight movements metcon

  • B) Cardio workout

  • C) Test my 1 rep max deadlift PR

If you guessed A or B you'd be right, "C" was my recipe for disaster and pain.   It prompted me to do 2 things, well 3 things: 1- NEVER DO THAT AGAIN; 2- make the video below; and 3- Revisit and revamp this old blog post about warming up. 📷If you watch and follow along, you'll notice that I did hurt myself and I was moving MIGHTY slowly to make this video. But doing these stretches every day made it possible for me to move around and heal faster. That's all for this week. Good luck to Paddlers back in North Carolina and on the East Coast braving the COLD STROKE CLASSIC this weekend. Be sure to check in on the Group-Training Facebook page for your race day plan! 

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