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Escape From Coffin Island Recap

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

If you're ever looking for a destination race, the Escape from Coffin Island is one for the bucket list. When we booked our Puerto Rico trip, I had no intention of racing. Corey and I were actually going to be on our first "vacation" in 6 years! No paddling involved, aside from what we would do on a whim. Then I saw a post... and it just so happened that the Coffin Island was the weekend we would already be there. So...yeah. The rest is history (awesome, epic, downwind history!)

With all of Puerto Rico within an easy day's drive, the possibilities are endless. After spending a fabulous two days catching glassy, turquoise waves in Rincon, we road tripped our way through Cabo Rojo and to Guanica. There we snagged the cutest AirBNB in a sleepy little town that wakes up at sunset for starlit beach parties. The days there are quiet and slow, like vacation should be, and provided us some time to explore beautiful mangroves. This was our base while in the South.

It was an easy drive to