Athlete Agenda

Improving athletic performance through mindfulness

After coaching numerous athletes throughout the past decade, and struggling myself with undereating and over training I've learned that the best training programs in the world aren't any good unless you know how to listen to your body. If you're training for quick gains, coming from a place of lack or fear, or if you're unclear on your goals - you won't reach your full potential.

To optimize your personal best, you must train with intention. We must train mindfully, and we must cultivate a deeper intuition about our athletic practice. The fist step to do this is to keep a detailed training journal, like the Athlete Agenda. By taking the time each day to sit, reflect, and write with your hand what you write keeps deliberate practice at the forefront of your training and improves your recall for those important moments in high stress situations. Even if you fall short of your goals, be sure you walk away from your athletic practice with a deeper understanding of you, your mind, and life. 

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I really do appreciate all the info you put out for your fellow paddlers... I truly value what I learn from you. My paddling path isn’t the usual one, so I have to find my own way, and your info is always motivating and helpful in some way! 

~ Joan

I personally love my Athlete Agenda and have noticed huge changes in my day to day life because I am being accountable to myself and TRACKING my data (whaaattt?? me tracking nooo). Thanks again April for being a great coach!!

~ Laura