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Can paddling faster improve your life?

No. It can't. At least not by itself.

Just like living an awesome life won't make you paddle faster. What will improve your life... and possibly help you paddle faster (run further, climb higher, or dive deeper) is your mindset and your intention paired with consistent action. Healthy life balance is not a myth for athletes or avid exercisers. 

My name is April Zilg, and I love paddling so much I decided to make a career out of it! Throughout the years, I've enjoyed pushing myself to new heights by setting and reaching ever larger goals. Now, I love sharing tips and tricks I've learned along the way to paddle faster, live healthier, and think clearer in my YouTube, Instagram, and Blog. Subscribe to one (or all three) to stay up to date on my journey & learn what it takes. If that's not enough, you can join my private online community to ask questions about your own goals.  

For me, being an athlete has very little to do with winning and everything to do with learning what my mind and body are capable of while staying healthy. When I started down this path, I couldn't even run 1 mile without stopping. 


My entire athletic career is a personal experiment in human mindset and potential. I believe we are all capable of more than we think in this life and I love sharing ways to tap into your potential via writing blogs, books, and video content. 


As a pioneer in the passion economy, I've enjoyed the challenge of transforming what I love to do into a full-time career that supports my lifestyle. Maybe some of my experiences can help you do the same.