Lessons, Clinics, Coaching, and Paddle Programs

Paddle Training Plans

For your Group

All LESSONS and GROUP CLINICS can cover a wide range of topics and will be customized to your club, environment, and goals.

Some examples include: 

  • Open Ocean Paddling

  • SUP Surfing

  • Race boards in the Surf Zone

  • Paddle Technique

  • Race Strategy & Preparation

  • General Fitness

All clinics can include Video Analysis if desired!

New to Paddling?

First, head over to YouTube and figure out what kind of paddling you want to do! Ocean, flat, downwind, surf? You need to set some goals and visualize what you want. Then, check out my "New Paddlers" shopping list on Amazon to get some of the basics you need to start paddling and practicing on your own! Then, when you feel ready, come take a lesson with me :-)  Although, I'm always happy to take brand-new-beginners out as well!! 

Other Inspiration

Hire me to Speak!

I love public speaking! If my story speaks to you and you have an event where you would like for me to share it with others, please don't hesitate to contact me

Check out what I'm working on when I'm NOT paddling