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#SUPtipTuesdays Tip #3

Today's #SUPtipTuesday is by request! I get a lot of questions about what to have after a workout (be it on the water or in the gym). The answer is A LOT! 😉😅 But seriously, within 30 minutes of finishing your workout you need to consume a recovery drink. Studies suggest that a plant based protein powder is superior for absorption post workout, even if you're not a vegetarian. I like to add BCAAs for recovery, Glutamine makes you a lot less sore, and creatine helps if you're looking to build some muscle. I have recently added collagen to the mix, and my joints definitely feel better. Remember, this post workout shake does not count as breakfast or lunch, always eat a full meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner IN ADDITION TO pre and post workout snacks. #paddlerstack

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