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#SUPtipTuesday Tip #20 & 21

Be the Fembot...

Tip #20

Today's #SUPtipTuesday is about thoracic spine rotation. My favorite visualization is to be a #fembotfrom the Austin Powers movie. If you pretend you're shooting people with your boobs while paddling, you should never be shooting your own board when you set the blade!! Keeping your hips square, practice "mowing people down" with your chest. This will help you get more reach while setting you up for a stronger, more efficient pull with your lats.

Tip #21

It's #Tuesday, and I want to build on last week's #SUPtip of "being a fembot" to get thoracic spine rotation to reach and set the blade. Once our torso is in the right spot, we need to stay mindful of our shoulders. The shoulders are a big recurring issue I see when people get a pain right below their neck to the side of their spine. The cue here is to pretend you have something on your shoulder. I say you're a pirate with a parrot and you need to make room for him. Don't reach so far with your arms that you're collapsing the chest, lifting your scapula, and smooshing your parrot against your head. Always pull the shoulders down and back, away from your ears, with chest out. If you stay mindful of this, you can still reach... with your fembotting torso, and you will avoid that pain in the neck.

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