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#SUPtipTuesday : How To Build Your Own Programming Part 1

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

This is the first post in a 3 part series "How to build your own programming"

We will cover the master calendar, periodization, and individual workouts.

Part 1: The Master Calendar

I'm going to be sharing more tips for those looking to self-coach a little bit. Whatever your motivations, financial or self-improvement/ knowledge/ education, you can learn to build your own annual training plan. I'm going to share a 3 part series where I talk about how to build and plan your 2020 race season.

The first video is the "Master Calendar" head over to the link in my bio to watch the youtube video and get some print outs.

The master calendar is important on many levels.

First of all, having all of your race dates in a big, visible place keeps them in focus, which helps with motivation.

Secondly, writing out your dates early prevents conflicting events and gives a healthy dose of reality and what you're capable of.

Then, I like having my calendar pre-built and locked in because as new, shiny races "pop up" as the season progresses I have a plan to check it against. If it doesn't fit, it gives me a very valid reason to say, "No." This reduces any "should I or shouldn't I" anxiety.

Which brings me to the final point:

The race calendar, and subsequent training plan, helps reduce race anxiety. When you have a solid plan and schedule, and you follow it, you know going into each event that you're right where you need to be. You planned it out, stayed focused, motivated, and avoided any last-minute events that popped up and derailed training.

Up Next: Periodization!!

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