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In Love with Isolation

I saw a quote the other day that I wanted to expand upon:

Studies have shown that perceived social isolation has a similar effect to stress. And for good reason; for our ancestors, ostracization from the group meant facing that saber-toothed tiger alone. The upside, however, is that physical isolation doesn’t have to mean social or emotional isolation. “

As humans, we have evolved to be a part of the collective to ensure survival. That I understand.

But what if you’re confident that you can face the tiger alone?

What if you enjoy silence for freakishly long periods of time?

What if you enjoy reading, writing, and doing most of your activities alone?

What if your chance of survival is better in isolation?

There are people out there that may thrive off of social isolation, or at the very least, people that only want a small amount of human and community contact regularly.

If you want to be a part of "society" as it exists and has been constructed by humans, with bills, jobs, mindless consumerism, taxes, family units, etc... then that is A-OK with me, and I'll never think less of you.

But I would like you to consider this: these constructs, or distractions as I like to call them, create undue loads of social paranoia. That's where you're out in public and you're dressed nice because you care how other perceive you. It's why you buy a nice house or a nice car. It is why you post what you do on social media. It is why you watch sports games just so you have something to talk about with your coworkers. You are constantly working to buy shit you don't need to fit some idea you have about your place in the world. That is social paranoia. And that distracts you from original and creative thought.

The more you distance yourself from social norms and the more you allow your mind to generate its own content the smarter you will become. All great discoveries are novel thought. You can't have new ideas if you're busy consuming old ones. That isn't to say you shouldn't ever do your "research" - that you should definitely do. Read everything you can about topics that interest you, find educational youtube videos and blogs, but then take some time for all of that data to sink in and use your lateral thinking skills to come up with your own ideas.

From Wikipedia: Individualism holds that a person taking part in society attempts to learn and discover what his or her own interests are on a personal basis, without a presumed following of the interests of a societal structure (an individualist need not be an egoist). The individualist does not follow one particular philosophy, rather creates an amalgamation of elements of many, based on personal interests in particular aspects that he/she finds of use.

"In the woods, we return to reason and faith. There I feel that nothing can befall me in life--no disgrace, no calamity, which nature cannot repair."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

A really great article about a guy just trying to live free:


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