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How to Social Distance Like a Pro

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

I got a message from ISA Prone Gold Medalist Hunter Phleuger yesterday with an idea. He thought it was in my wheelhouse to recommend a few "trapped inside" training activities amidst the covid-19 pandemic.

Thank you for the idea, Hunter.

But I thought, why stop there? At training, that is. I want to take this to the NEXT LEVEL. Why not compile an entire Social Distancing toolkit?

I'm relishing at the opportunity to share how I live my life every week and very rarely come into contact with other humans. Sure, I usually see people on the weekends at paddling events, and I love it. But the rest of the week, I've VERY solitary. Which is why I find all of this "social distancing" stuff quite hilarious.

As of this writing, outside of my major cultural and sporting activities being cancelled, I have not experienced anything different in my life whatsoever. For example, I have all of my groceries delivered to my house to optimize training time and haven't experienced a delay or shortage, I prep all of my own meals and supplement my food with vegetables from my yard, I work from home on my side hustles like Paddle Ninja, and I do all of my strength workouts at home.

Over the next 11 days, I'm going to release a tip, hack, or skill for each of the Social Distancing strategies I've listed below to keep you healthy amidst the turmoil. Here is a brief syllabus, but each day I'll be expanding on the topics below and sharing further resources and videos. I hope you enjoy!

April's 11-Step Social Distancing Toolkit

Step 1: Get your GOALS IN ORDER.

Take a day or at least an afternoon to organize your thoughts and your life. I like to use the Panda Planner. Don't let your emotions distract you from doing what needs to be done.

Step 2: Distance yourself and make more time for training with these three Training Time Savers. Be sure to take some of your free time and pressure Amazon into sending everything plastic free... just saying.

Step 3: Remain CALM. No toilet paper, no problem. Don't even bother going to the store to check to see if it's back in stock - there may be people there. Just use your gardenhose as a bidet!

Coming soon:

4. The one most important skill to ensure social distancing (you'll want to check back for this one!) Training 5. Go outside and get vitamin D whenever possible

6. Work out at home: with a barbell and a kit.

7. Work out at home: without gym equipment

Step 8. When all else fails, visualize. Free throws, pianos, and your little finger don't lie! Visualizing an activity can yield improvements in said activity. Click the blog to read more about it.

They say abs are made in the kitchen. So are your white blood cells.. and everything else in your body you need to fight infection and stay healthy.

Step 9. Be sure you're eating plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables with lean protein sources where these things come from. Have food delivered, and start a garden.

10. Treat yo' self! Eat some high calorie, but very nutrient dense, deserts. If your body is not in a deficit it's very unlikely to get sick. Incidentally, this is why so many of your new year's resolutions FAILED and why you may be feeling under the weather right now anyway. 11. I will share a few supplements that I would consider vital to health and fitness.

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