August 23, 2019. Yukon Here We COME!

The Yukon 1000 race will take competitors from the start in Whitehorse, Canada, to the Dalton Highway Bridge, just over the Arctic Circe in Alaska. This race is 100 percent un-supported. We must paddle 18 hours a day and be off the water at the end of the 18th hour for 6 hours. Us against nature. Grizzly Bears, Moose, wolverines, wolfs, lynx, rapids, navigational challenges, weather hazards, hypothermia, extreme heat and physical exhaustion, rabid beavers ..and more. It will be a true test of the mental and physical.

As hard as it is for us to resist naming our team "rabid beavers" its even harder to start planning this far out, but plan we must because 1000 miles is NOT A JOKE! Planning task #1 ensure we have the funding we need. In addition to using our training and racing to bring awareness to plastic pollution, we would like to give back to the Yukon. It is surely going to give us so much more than an adventure. Any funds we raise beyond what we need for the following budget we will donate to local charities that keep the Yukon CLEAN and support the First Nations. What that means: if you donate now, and we pick up some corporate sponsors later, whatever we raise beyond the minimum budget below will go to charity!

Event Date July 19, 2020

Registration Payment Due Sept. 1, 2019

Item Cost Quantity Total

Registration 1719.18 2 3438.36

Canoe Rental 1200 1 1200

Transport 500 2 1000


Donate on our Yukon 1000 Landing Page

The landing page will also be where we post regular updates leading into the event. You'll know we've posted an update if you follow us on Instagram @AprilZilg and @PaddleFishSurf

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