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Paddle Training​

Paddle faster, train intuitively, live intentionally

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What is Paddle Training? It's using paddling a stand up paddleboard or canoe as your main fitness hobby. Just like some people like to run marathons or 10k's as a fitness hobby, some people like to paddle their way to better fitness and enter local events to be social and push themselves mentally. 

Whether you're training for fun, fitness, self-discovery, or for competition, training isn't rocket science! Training isn't mindless either. By combining science and intuition, you can achieve the goals you set for yourself. You can see what you're made of. You can learn discipline, self-sufficiency, confidence. 

My goal is to help you help you unlock your full potential - I want you to be able to express your full fitness by optimizing training, nutrition, mindset, and recovery. I don't want to be your coach. I want to guide you to be your own coach. I want you to develop the intuition you need to eat, move, and recover properly so you can head off on your own and live a fit fulfilling life like it's second nature - because it is. Imagine being able to listen to your body and it guides you to what you need that day! Imagine being one with yourself and knowing how to fuel, move, and rest your way to the best health of your life. 


A quick email as a demonstration of your fine tutelage in progress. As recommended, I have been adopting the posture ( hinging, shoulders stacked and digging deep and silently) and more importantly breathing through the nose and maintaining my heart rate aerobically. I feel the effects of this in my lats and deltoids after the event, but Im sure I will toughen up soon. Today I managed a PB along a familiar stretch of the river, against the current and wind. I was also reasonably impressed with my speed whilst only working at maybe 70% effort. Thanks again for your excellent advice!


I've been meaning to send you this email for a while. Just wanted to update you on the last race I did. It was one of my best performances yet! I've been working my hiney off doing your interval sessions, but also allowing myself to recover better and do some slower workouts as well, and it all came together and worked!! I am so thrilled and wanted to thank you!  

~ Kim

Join the Paddle Training Online Community

Are we a group of paddlers looking to paddle faster? Maybe...

Are we a group of humans looking to tap into something greater? Definitely!!

A general support community of like-minded individuals looking to paddle healthier, faster, or better - whatever that looks like to them is included at all levels. If you want access to the training plan library, you'll join the Punk Paddler group - this group also provides resources . If you want to go for a bout of training right alongside me while I work towards my next key event - you can sign up for that challenge too and train virtually with me. If you're not sure yet how to piece the plans from the training plan library together in a coherent sequence yet, don't have the time or the interest, OR have a huge goal of your own that requires special attention I offer fully customized training plans with coach contact and plan modifications as you go. 

Regardless of your budget, the Paddle Training online community has something for you. 


Paddlers Only Community

  • Access to the Garmin Workout Library

  • Help filling out YOUR Athlete Agenda

  • Develop training Intuition, stop relying on mindless habits

  • Join a network of like-minded athletes

  • First dibs on workshops, clinics, and train-cations

  • Test cutting edge workouts

  • Be the first to hear about special offers and announcements

This Happened!! 🤘🤘_I'm going to get philosophical for another #Tuesdaytip, then back to

Punk Paddlers

  • Everything from the General Membership, PLUS...

  • Access to the Training Plan Library

  • Reading lists and book recommendations to build training plans

  • Feedback and guidance on the plans you build

  • Resources for nutrition

  • Learn how to coach or self-coach... or BOTH

  • Deeper understanding of training & recovery

  • Quarterly Zoom talks


Virtually Train With Me

  • Access to all the features of General Membership and Punk Paddlers, PLUS...

  • Monthly live coaching sessions and open forum

  • Follow the exact plan I'm on in real time

  • Technique video review sessions

It's always a #good day when I can help others #paddle more efficiently, powerfully, or in

Custom Coaching

  • Fully customized training plans delivered in Training Peaks

  • Bi-weekly training reviews

  • Monthly one-on-one calls

  • Video Technique analysis included

  • Deep discounts on lessons and clinics

Or shop individual training plans & workouts 

buy once, own it forever

Are you more of a lone wolf? Want to go it your own and not interact with others. You just want to put your head down and do the work. No need to talk about feelings or ask questions about the training. Browse individual workouts or the training plan library and buy what suits you! If you find yourself needing help, feel free to book a consultation call - I won't tell anyone.


Upcoming In-Person Training Opportunities

SORRY! No upcoming in-person events on the calendar. 

Members of the PaddleTraining online community get first dibs on workshops and clinics before I open registration to the public. Join TODAY!

If there are still spots available, my NEWSLETTER is the second group to get the deets. So, if you're not ready to subscribe to be a Paddle Training member, be sure to sign up for my newsletter to be notified of any upcoming in-person events!

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