Not everything in life fits into neat, well-organized compartments. However, whenever I work towards things in my life, they must fit one of three categories, although they're welcome to overlap! As an Athlete, my goal is to keep my mind and body healthy first and foremost. I truly believe that we're in the best position to help others if we've helped ourselves first. When I have insights or tips I think may help others, I write them down, and I hope that anything I create as an Author helps others tap into their full potential. Finally, every aspect of my life and career must meet my personal rigorous standards for being socially and environmentally responsible, I'd consider the way I start, scale, and run businesses as a form of Activism over Entrepreneurship. Not to mention the level of work-life balance that is non-negotiable when you're trying to optimize your health and performance with nutrition and sleep; you can't simply hustle non-stop and work 10x harder when launching and scaling a business. Sometimes you have to work slower and let things grow organically, if you love what you're doing there's no rush. 

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