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April 1, 2022

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The Athlete Agenda is your guide to athletic goal setting and roadmap generation with daily sections for metrics and notes. Whether your goal is to run one mile or win a world championship the Athlete Agenda will help you build your annual training from the goal up.

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My best performances as an athlete were always after a period of intense journaling… but not just any daily recap. What I recorded was in-depth training thoughts and criticisms that became a dialogue with myself; setting intentions before key training sessions, then coming back and writing at length about how it went, any insights I gained, and how I wanted to improve the next time I went out. 


The act of thinking about my training, writing the important parts, and revisiting it in daily, weekly, and monthly reviews kept my training at the forefront of my mind. Of course, the training still needed to be solid and focused, but I kept the training alive by writing in my journal after I left the water, cementing what I learned and did that day firmly and deeply into my neural pathways.


I didn’t know it at the time, but this dialogue with myself went way beyond self-coaching. The very act of writing, science suggests, encodes the content you’re writing about deeper into your memory, which improves your ability to recall the information next time you’re in a training session or faced with a similar situation in a competitive setting. If the point of physical training is to prepare ourselves for optimal performance, then supplementing that with a journal to improve the ability of our minds to recall key information creates even more opportunity for optimization… and success! 

Once I learned that, it was a no-brainer (can't resist a pun) to create the Athlete Agenda so that others could experience the benefits that I did from my daily practice.

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