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My Athletic Career


For me, being a professional female athlete in stand up paddleboarding and outrigger canoe has very little to do with winning and everything to do with learning what my mind and body are capable of while staying healthy. When I started down this path, I couldn't even run 1 mile without stopping. That is why I consider my athletic career quite the project!


My entire athletic career is a personal experiment in human mindset and potential. To date, the experiment has been a huge success (For more details, scope out my "Bio" page). It is still my #1 project, and it is always ongoing. The main thing I've discovered on my journey from couch potato to contender is that we are all capable of more than we think in this life. Armed with a combination of first hand experience and a decade worth of self-directed education, it is now a major goal of mine to share ways for you to tap into your own potential.

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Train with me:

I didn't have a lot of funds available for coaching early in my paddling career. Instead, I spent what money I did have on books about training and physiology, nutrition courses, and sports psychology. I invested in myself.


I understand that not everyone has the time to do the same or the funding for expensive coaching to maximize their improvement and avoid the pitfalls of inadequate nutrition or overtraining. 


I'll always recommend books, resources, and provide tips for free, but I also wanted to provide world-class paddle training programs for all levels of paddlers at an affordable price.


At Paddle Ninja, you'll find training plans built specifically for paddlers of all levels for $48/month. These plans are structured, periodized, and can help (along with proper nutrition) avoid some of the over-ambitions mistakes I made in my career. 


 I've expanded on what I'm able to offer by co-coaching with Danny Ching, Johnny Puakea, and Paolo Ameglio. By signing up for ongoing training plan delivery in Paddle Ninja, you are also signing up to have access to all four of our brains when you have questions about training, coaching, and paddling. You can ask questions about books, nutrition, or anything you can think of when it comes to paddling in the Member's Only forum!

Whenever I'm not accepting private coaching clients (the only way to know when I'm accepting new one-on-one clients is via my newsletter), or if you're just starting out and not ready or don't have the budget for private coaching, this is the best way to get started training with me. These are scalable programs that I followed during my successful times.

Explore Training Plans on Paddle Ninja Today! And I'm always here to help you piece plans together once you're a member. If you need advice on modifying a training plan or want advice on building your own, you can always schedule a private PHONE CONSULTATION.

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The Paddle Ninja Clinics & Workshops Page is also where you'll find opportunities to train with me at upcoming races, clinics, or workshops. 

If you have a group or club that is interested in scheduling a clinic or workshop, please send me a private message via my CONTACT page

If you are part of a non-profit group that is not in a financial position to hire me for coaching, I set aside time each year to volunteer with groups that support gender equality in sport, environmental activism, and social justice. Reach out via my CONTACT page