a person who campaigns to bring about political or social change.
What is the Passion Economy and why does it matter? 

Sometimes I struggle to articulate what I'm trying to accomplish, why it matters, and what the end goal is. Here's a little story about a girl named Sue that I wrote to help explain it: 

I'm a Sue, are you? 


I'mma tell you a little story about a girl named Sue. 
A pro female athlete that didn't know what to do.

She found her life passion, and pursued it with glee...
but was uncomfortable being paid for something most would do for free!

Still, she filtered through sponsors; some cheap, some snooty.
All just wanted one thing though: more instagram booty.   

"What message does this send young girls?" cried Sue.
"How is Gender Inequality still a thing - it's almost 2022!"

Sue was ready to quit, to give up for good...
When one day she she got hit in the head walking through the woods.

It knocked her down hard, I'm talking lights out!
But as she came to, a voice started to shout:

"All stories will glorify the hunter, until told by the lion."
She said, "What does that even mean? I'm so sick of tryin'" 

"A candle loses nothing by sharing it's light,
just keep going, fight the good fight...

...There's people everywhere full of greed and deceit
They'll sell you anything for money, even toenails from their feet!"

"Gross" Sue thought, while checking her head.
But the voice quotes were right - people were being misled.

Whatever they have, its the latest snake oil,
its the key to happiness, meaning, or just a cure for your boil.

"But I have nothing to sell and I'm not motivated by loot.
I'm the source of my own joy, solutions, and confidence to boot." 

"It's your light... it's your drive, and true self-reliance.
Your knowledge is what you offer, in essence, defiance.

Women need driven, down-to-earth role models like you,
with healthy life balance and passions - they need more Sue.

People that don't desire fortune or fame 
have a responsibility to be seen even more - not the same."

"I think I'm starting to understand," Sue softly cried.
"Especially when some people get paid for cat memes on the side.

I can make this work, I can follow my passion!
There's no guilt in being resourceful and taking more action!"

As long as you value people over profit and greed,
as long as you care for the environment, and keep planting the seeds...

Good people will find you and provide you a boost.
They believe in your mission and the value you've produced. 

There's a lot of equality battles being fought on all sides,
Rest assured, no matter your vessel, we're all lifted by rising tides.

So the Internet she did leverage with the tools of the age, 
to start a business, a non-profit, and earn a living wage!

The End. Of this story. About a girl and a goal. 
Where the call to action is to follow your own dreams and don't mind the trolls.

You just have to be yourself. You just have to be true.
If WE don't take charge of the future, then who?  

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